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The Irish Lotto occurs every Wednesday and Saturday evening, costs ₤ 2 to bet on, provides outstanding odds of winning any prize of just 1 in 29 and provides minimum jackpots of ₤ 1.4 m. Aside from this you can take the opportunity to win two more jackpots by getting tickets for the Plus 1 and Plus 2 games.


How can I pick my numbers?

Just pick 6 numbers from 1-- 47. You can also pick your numbers randomly by deciding on the Quick Pick selection.

You can also buy tickets for the Irish Lotto Plus 1 and Irish Lotto Plus 2 lotto draws. Unless you state otherwise, the identical numbers you chose for the main draw will be selected for these draws.

How does the Irish Lotto draw happen?

Six numbers and an extra bonus number are drawn from a drum including numbered balls from 1-47 in the main Irish Lotto draw.

The smaller National draws occur instantly after the main Irish Lotto draw along with the bonus ball has been selected.

How do I walk away with the big prize?

The bigger jackpots in the Irish Lotto draw, Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws are won only when players match all six primary numbers.

How much cash is up for grabs?

The Irish Lotto main prize is a minimum required of ₤ 1.4 million. Prizes in the other Irish lotto games start at ₤360,000 and range to other incredible life changing amounts!

How good are my chances at hitting the jackpot?

The chances of hitting the main jackpot are much better when compared to other big national lotteries. This includes the Irish Lotto Plus games and other smaller, Irish National Lottery type lotteries.

What are the different prize tiers are available?

Prize tiers in the Irish National Lottery, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 games can range from multi-million Euro jackpots to a variety of other small cash prizes. Your odds of winning any of these prizes are as good as 1-in-20 for some of the smaller cash prizes!

Irish National Lottery

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