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The Loteria Nacional Extra has been around for nearly 200 years and is Spain's most exciting lottery draw! Spanish participants and players from throughout the globe gathering to play the raffle where 1 of 3 tickets earns an amazing prize from a pool valued at EUR84, EUR105, or EUR140 million! If you intend to join this extremely prominent raffle, play Loteria Nacional here!

Much like the Lotería de Navidad and Loteria del Nino, the Spanish Raffle draws comprise one hundred thousand tickets published with five-digit coupon codes varying from up to 99999. The tickets are published in 10 duplicates and split into ten shares to develop an overall of 10 million portions. Each ticket is split into ten shares which are then sold. Unlike lotteries in which players pick their figures, raffle players buy tickets with pre-selected coupon codes.

Relying on accessibility, players can buy an overall ticket which consists of 10 parts or opt to buy single shares. In a sorteo extraordinario, the premio especial ("special first prize") is handed out to a particular share in a particular collection of the first prize winning ticket. For instance, ticket number 54321 might be the winner of the jackpot EUR1 million (EUR100,000 for each share), but the premio especial will be given to one of the ten shares in the total range of ticket 54321. The chosen shares will get an even bigger EUR4.9 million in cash prizes to make the end win even more valuable!

The Loteria Nacional Extra is known for it's rich history and contribution to Spanish culture. Pupils from the San Ildefonso school draw the winning numbers and announce the different prizes, and all of this is done in a song. The draw is also different from more traditional lotteries in that it can take hours to complete the draw and announce the winners. The Loteria Nacional Extra draw usually takes place in mid-March.

  Loteria Nacional  

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