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The German Lottery draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday (Wednesday at 6.25pm German time (5.25pm GMT) and Saturday at 7.25pm German time (6.25pm GMT))

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Choose 6 lucky numbers from between 1 and 49. This counts as a single line.

Lotto 6aus49 players can either choose their own numbers or they can use the Quick Pick option.

Decide when you would like to play your lucky numbers, Lotto 6aus49 draws happen on Wednesday and / or on Saturday.

Finally, decide if you would like any further tickets on any other Lotto 6aus49 games.

You can purchase your Lotto 6aus49 tickets right up until the draw happens on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

See the complete video guide here.

In the lottery 6aus49 winnings are paid out in 9 different prize tiers. To win the different prizes you will need to match the main numbers as well as the bonus number. For example, matching two numbers and the bonus number will win you a lower tier prize, and to win the big jackpot you will need to match all 6 numbers and the bonus ball.

The bigger jackpots in the Lotto 6aus49 draw, Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws are won only when players match all six primary numbers.

The lottery numbers for Lotto 6aus49 will be made available immediately after each draw on our website, shortly thereafter the winning odds for each of the winning categories are calculated in a complex process and will depend on how many people bought tickets. As a rule, these lottery odds are available on the next working day. However, if this falls on a public holiday, the announcement is delayed accordingly to the next working day.
You can buy single tickets or get bulk buy discounts when playing the Lotto 6aus49. Players only need to decide on how many tickets they would like, buy their Lotto 6aus49 tickets online, and you will be automatically entered into the next draw! Lotto 6aus49 draws happen twice a week, so get playing today and change your life forever by the same time tomorrow!
All lotteries in Germany are run by DLTB, or Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock, an grouping of 16 different lottery service companies from all over the Germany. Today, 6aus49 is one of Germany's most popular bi-weekly lotteries. German Lotto or Lotto 6Aus49 as it is frequently referred to as Germany's most popular lottery. With record jackpots as high as 45.38 million euro and 9 highly lucrative prize draw categories with a great overall odds of roughly 1 in 31 it's not hard to see why. This Germany Lotto was founded more than half a century ago and has since generated tens of billions of Euros for the local communities and social projects within Germany.