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The Mega Millions draw happens on Friday night at 11pm ET (4am GMT). Good luck!

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Mega wins with the Mega Millions lotto!

The Mega Millions is one of America's oldest and most well-known lotteries. The jackpots start at $40 million and have climbed to a record high of $656 million, making more millionaires than most other big global lotteries. And even if you don't live in the US you can play the Mega Millions from anywhere in the world thanks to online lotto! Also you'll never have to be worried about missing a Mega Millions draw; when you play Mega Millions online a record of all your numbers and winnings is kept secured.

What Mega Millions draw is that it is an american draw that came abroad August during 1996. When it first came to light only 6 states were participating in the Mega Millions draw. The Mega Millions was first known as The Big Game,but then got changed to The Big Game Mega Millions. But by 2005 the name got changed to just Mega Millions. This big draw is from the USA and you don't have to be based in the USA in order to enter and to play this massive jackpot draw.

USA Mega Millions has got a jackpot starting with $15 million with a maximum jackpot of up to $656 million. This mega Millions draw takes place twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday evening at 11 pm which gives you the advantage of two opportunities to become a mega millions winner and join their gallery of winners. This can be played in 44 different states around the world. There biggest jackpot to date was recorded as $363 million. During 2003 the structure of the draw got changed so that there was more of a chance of you winning and that they could enlarge the jackpot and make the prize sum bigger.

When you selecting your numbers you have to select 5 main numbers between 1 and 75,from there you then choose one mega number between numbers 1 and 15. The setup of the draw used to be that for the 5 numbers you select is between 1 and 56 and your Mega ball having to be between 1 and 46 each set being a different could the 5 numbers draw balls being white and the Mega Ball draw balls therefore being gold. With that change the the odds of winning any prize is 1 in 15 with it used to being 1 in 40.

The number that you choose between 1 and 15 is known as your Mega ball. Then when matching all 6 numbers you become an instant winner. The first 5 numbers do not have to be in any certain order but has to match your numbers that you have chosen.

To better your chance of winning this massive jackpot of the Mega Millions draw is to buy more than just one ticket for each draw. Also when choosing your numbers not to stick to a certain type of technique of not only choosing odd numbers only or birthday dates because as with birthday dates you are only going to be choosing numbers between 1 and 31 as well as that you're most likely to end up sharing the prize money.

Although you don't want to choose your numbers yourself but its always better to do it yourself. If you aren't a winner you can still win small cash prizes even if you just get the mega ball there is still cash prizes that are available. One that you cannot do with Mega Millions ticket draws is that your ticket cannot be cancelled.

How the draw of Mega Millions work is that they are taken from 2 draws, where it one contains 75 for the 5 numbers and the other containing 15 to draw the Mega Ball. Then after the 5 numbers have been drawn and the Mega Ball is drawn then another ball is drawn to see what the Megaplier is. Ticket purchasing can be done anytime even 15 minutes before the draw takes place. The winning numbers will then be announced on Television,online and on the different newspapers.

When collecting your winnings you have the options of it being anonymous or be released publicly to who the winner is. But some states don't allow that it is done anonymously and therefore is released for the public domain. To ensure that if you lose your winning ticket and haven't claimed it yet,what you have to do is sign the back of your ticket so that nobody can claim the ticket as their own.