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The UK draws happen on Wednesdays and Saturday nights at 8p.m via YouTube.

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UK Lottery is based on a popular 6/59 format, which means 6 numbers are picked out of 59. By introducing an additional draw, the UK National Lottery increased the winning chances, making it very popular among lotto fans. The minimum jackpot on Wednesday is £ 2.5 million and rises to £ 5 million on Saturday.

The biggest transitions in the UK Lotto were £ 42 million.

UK National Lottery is very popular in most European countries, not only for its transitions, but also for the really big lower win levels. Transitions do not grow to as spectacular amounts as those seen in US lotteries, but great chances of winning one of the lower win levels are the reason why many lottery players play it on a regular basis.

Check the current transition, choose your lucky numbers and buy UK lottery tickets online .

We are aware that players not only look for the British lottery results but also seek information about the British lottery prizes or the British lotto winners.

The UK National Lottery prizes are divided into 6 win levels. Only two correctly selected UK National Lottery numbers entitle you to one of the lower winnings levels. You can also check the number of players who have chosen the the correct winning numbers and have received a cash prize.

Each draw brings hundreds of thousands of UK National Lottery winners. Sometimes over one million lucky players can win a prize. If you have not won the jackpot this time, check your numbers again to see if you have won one of the lower prize levels.

Many lottery strategies are based on statistics. To increase your winning chances, look at the most frequently drawn numbers in the history and use them to your advantage. You can also use the quick-pick option, and your numbers will be chosen randomly.

The most frequently drawn numbers for the UK National Lottery are 9, 12, 15, 17 and 19. The least drawn numbers are 1, 2, 6, 32 and 47.

If you have already checked the UK National Lottery results and prepared your strategy, do not hesitate, give yourself a chance for one of the impressive UK National Lottery prize tiers.

Pick your numbers, buy your UK National Lottery tickets and check the current UK lottery results to see if you've won.