Mega Millions & Powerball Ticket Bundle

Play in 2 of the biggest USA lotto draws with the megapower ticket pack exclusively offered by Giant Lottos for the MegaMillions and Powerball draws.

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About USA Powerball

This game originated from America and is played by many american residents. This game is offered by 44 states in the USA and for everyone around the world. The starting jackpot for this draw is a whopping amount of $40 million and able to grow up to a 9 number jackpot win. The US powerball is similar to the Euro millions as well as the euro jackpot where in the terms they use 2 machines for their draw.

How to Play USA Powerball

When playing and purchasing your ticket you have to select 5 normal digits between 1 and 69 and then an additional number between 1 and 26 this number is known as the Powerball number. You can either purchase your tickets online or at one of the retail stores where the tickets are available. There are advantages and disadvantages of where you purchase your tickets either online or at the retail store.

USA Powerball Tips

The first tip to winning is that it is much better to buy your lottery ticket online and also to buy more than one lottery ticket because you are making your chances of winning the jackpot greater,because if you more tickets you're getting different sequences of numbers which are making your chances of you winning the mega jackpot.


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