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The Powerball draw happens on Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. ET

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This game originated from America and is played by many american residents. This game is offered by 44 states in the USA and for everyone around the world. The starting jackpot for this draw is a whopping amount of $40 million and able to grow up to a 9 number jackpot win. The US powerball is similar to the Euro millions as well as the euro jackpot where in the terms they use 2 machines for their draw.

One machine to do the normal balls and another machine to draw the special ball. The draw for this game takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night. Giving you the better opportunity to win the mega jackpot that they offer. Before the proper powerball game began it was launched in 1988. It was known as the lotto America before their name had gotten changed to the USA Powerball which it got changed to that on the 19th of April 1992. The first official draw was then held 3 days later on the 22nd of April. They became the first lotto game to use 2 machines to draw their balls,they did this so that they could manipulate the odds of there being a winner easily. With this draw if you do not get the winning numbers and the powerball number they've got the lower tiers where if you just get the 5 main balls they off a whopping amount of $1 million as well so you definitely won't walk away empty handed with this draw.

When playing and purchasing your ticket you have to select 5 normal digits between 1 and 69 and then an additional number between 1 and 26 this number is known as the Powerball number. You can either purchase your tickets online or at one of the retail stores where the tickets are available. There are advantages and disadvantages of where you purchase your tickets either online or at the retail store. The advantage of buying it online is that you have less of a chance of losing your ticket and also it is more convenient as that when you're doing it online you can do it from anywhere that you are in the world. Also that when you purchase online and more than one ticket it is possible that you can get offered discounts because you're purchasing more than one ticket.

The first tip to winning is that it is much better to buy your lottery ticket online and also to buy more than one lottery ticket because you are making your chances of winning the jackpot greater, because if you more tickets you're getting different sequences of numbers which are making your chances of you winning the mega jackpot.

Another way that you can ensure that you win is that you have to do number research and look at their tallies to see what number is most frequent as the powerball and what numbers have come up mostly within the regular 5 digit numbers so that you can have more of an idea on what numbers you can play and what numbers you should avoid playing.